Release Log

Released With Next Version

Feature #13 Aspects with annotations for Design by Contract.

Released With 1.1.0

Feature #14 Some parsers for parsing strings.
BugFix #9 ParsedHelpText.hashCode() didn't work correctly.

Released With 1.0.2

BugFix #8 Moved class PropertiesUtil from fs package to misc package.
Feature #12 Store XML-Properties with encoding (PropertiesUtil.storeToXML ).
Feature #11 New methods (Clock.getStartTime() , Clock.getStartDate() ) giving information about starting time. Method clone() is overridden as well.
Feature #10 CommandLine.validate() handles superior options (as -help or -version may be).
BugFix #7 CmdLn takes into account that the invalidity may be set from outside of the class.

Released With 1.0.1

Feature #9 File.getCanonicalPath() does not throw an exception
Feature #8 checking messages from LoggerMock.log(Level, String, Throwable)
Feature #7 file filters working with regular expressions
BugFix #6 LoggerMock.compareEachCharacter() returns true when the expected message is only a single asterisk wildcard

Released With 1.0.0

Feature #6 level FINER logging in File and Folder
Feature #5 checking pre- and postconditions in File and Folder wherever possible
Feature #4 added new methods load , store and storeToXML to PropertiesUtil
BugFix #5 LoggerMock.compareEachCharacter() returns false when the expected message is not completly contained in the real message
Minor Change raised jUnit tests from 3.8.1 up to 4.3.1
Major Change raised Java base from 1.4 up to 1.6

Released With 0.5.5

BugFix #4 CommandLineParameterDummy.isSet() returns true when the value was not set to null
Feature #3 CmdLn and ParsedHelpText now implements equals() , hashcode() and toString()
BugFix #3 CommandLineMock now checks wrong parameters

Released With 0.5.4

Feature #2 inserted a CommandLineMock for testing

Released With 0.5.3

BugFix #2 CommandLineFactory.create() now returnes a validated CommandLine
Feature #1 new class PropertiesUtil which loads properties from a file
BugFix #1 ignore null when processing parameters in method FileFormatter.formatProcedureCall()